Desert Hills Evangelical Free Church in Phoenix, Arizona
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  • Wisdom for Wealth (Selected Proverbs)
    Wisdom for Wealth (Selected Proverbs)

    God has given us wisdom on how to how we should manage our money. We should not be wasteful nor should we be greedy. We should not be miserly but we should not give...

  • Wisdom for Work (Selected Proverbs)
    Wisdom for Work (Selected Proverbs)

    Do you see your work as an assignment from God? Or do you see it as a rat-race, a grind or just a paycheck? Is work just a place we spend most of our...

  • Wisdom for Marriage (Selected Proverbs)
    Wisdom for Marriage (Selected Proverbs)

    We can all use wisdom in our marriages. We can use wisdom before we even think about marriage. As a man “leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife”, they are...

  • Wisdom for Children (Selected Proverbs)
    Wisdom for Children (Selected Proverbs)

    This sermon is not profitable for only children; parents can still learn from this sermon also. There is no such thing as a perfect child.  As children grow and develop into adulthood, they need...