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  • Malachi:  Waiting for the Sunrise
    Malachi: Waiting for the Sunrise

    As believers, we are sometimes caught up in darkness that this world brings.  Sicknesses in our bodies, sorrows at our jobs, and sufferings in our families, we soon forget that we are to be lights in...

  • August 28 Sunday Worship
    August 28 Sunday Worship

    We are singing our new song Rising Sun again. This song speaks to how God, His name, His attributes, His character are all high above the earth and even the sun. Think about what...

  • Zechariah:  The Promise of Forgiveness
    Zechariah: The Promise of Forgiveness

    One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word “forgiveness.”  This word spoken from one human to another can bring resolution to conflict, restoration to a relationship, and peace to a fellowship. This could...

  • August 21 Sunday Worship
    August 21 Sunday Worship

    We are playing a new song this week. It speaks of the LORD’s attributes, His names, and how His name is higher above all else. Higher than men. Higher than Satan and the demons....

  • Haggai:  Consider Your Ways!
    Haggai: Consider Your Ways!

    Today’s sermon from the book of Haggai comes to us at the perfect time.  We live in a fast paced world where everyone wants things quick, cheap, and easy.  We want our cars serviced quickly, our...

  • August 14 Sunday Worship
    August 14 Sunday Worship

    Our playlist this week celebrates the goodness and greatness of God. I hope it blesses you in your time of worship and helps you in singing praises to the LORD as you prepare for...